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David Connelly

  David Connelly

Peter´s Trifle



From the Kitchen of Peter Bell. A delicious Trifle, easily made from a simple recipe



David Connelly


David Connelly

Preparation Time

David Connelly

Cooking Time

David Connelly


  • 1 x Jumbo Swiss Roll
  • 1 x Raspberry Jelly
  • 1 x Tinned fruit
  • 1 x Devon Custard
  • 1 x Double Cream
  • 8 x Strawberries
  • 1 x bar Chocolate - grated


Take the jumbo strawberry Swiss roll and cut into slices
Place as layer along bottom of dish
Make up raspberry jelly using the juice of a tin of fruit cocktail instead of the cold water
Pour liquid jelly onto Swiss roll gently letting it soak in
Place fruit from tin of fruit cocktail on top of the Swiss roll
Put in fridge to set
Once set, pour on a layer of luxury Devon custard
Whip double cream and put on top of Custard
Cut strawberries in half and place in a pattern on top of the cream
Grate on some chocolate and sprinkle to finish

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